1. Prize Money applicable for the 10K category shall be as per the rules given hereunder and Event’s race regulations.
  2. Only confirmed athletes in the 10K will be entitled to be considered for prize money given in the prize money structure, if falling within the prize money winning positions.
  3. Finish positions of the 10K under Chart A will be based on gun time alone.
  4. Any runner, Indian or international, who is one of the top overall 10K finishers, will be entitled to prize money stated in Chart A.
  5. Athletes crossing the start line after the timings given below will not be entitled to rankings or prize money –
    1. 10K Run men must cross the start line no later than 2 minutes from gun start time.
    2. 10K Run women must cross the start line no later than 2 minutes from gun start time.
  1. The cut-off of finish times for rankings and prize money entitlement for the Top 3 positions men is 35 minutes from start time and for the Top 3 positions women is 42 minutes from start time (t&c).
  1. Only confirmed amateur 10K Run men and women runners (excluding Elite athletes) falling within the age groups given below, will be entitled to be considered for prize money in Charts C to J respectively of the prize money structure.
    1. Age category – 14 yrs. to less than 20 yrs.
    2. Age category – 20 yrs. to less than 25 yrs.
    3. Age category – 25 yrs. to less than 30 yrs.
    4. Age category – 30 yrs. to less than 35 yrs.
    5. Age category – 35 yrs. to less than 40 yrs
    6. Age category – 40 yrs. to less than 45 yrs.
    7. Age category – 45 yrs. to less than 50 yrs.
    8. Age category – 50 yrs. to less than 55 yrs.
    9. Age category – 55 yrs. to less than 60 yrs.
    10. Age category – 60 yrs. to less than 65 yrs.
    11. Age category – 65 yrs. to less than 70 yrs.
    12. 70 years and above
  1. For Age Group Categories : Only those 10K runners, who finish within 45 mins from the start time and who fall within the finish positions as indicated in the Prize Money Structure under Chart C to Chart J, will be entitled to respective prize money.
  1. Results declared on race day shall be ‘provisional’. In addition to the criteria mentioned herein, final entitlement to rankings and prize money positions shall be subject to –
    1. Bib tag timing captured across all timing points on the course, including at the start and finish mats,
    2. Physical verification by technical officials, and
    3. Dope test results.
  1. Any athlete winners refusing to undergo dope testing will be disqualified from this Event and shall not be allowed to participate in the 2018 edition of the Event.
  2. Runners found to have interchanged their bib tag and/or their running number bib with others, will be disqualified from the competition. Such runners shall not be entitled to any timing or prize money (where applicable).
  3. All the prize money winners of 10K Run Age categories receive their cheques after issuing by the concerned authority.
  4. Prize winners declared may be required, at the sole discretion of the Event Promoter, to submit a certified true copy of documents of proof of identity and/or date of birth, as may be required, for disbursement of prize money. Refusal of submission of adequate and relevant documents will entail to the athlete’s participation to be disqualified from the Event.
  5. Post verification of results and dope test results, prize money cheques of winners falling within the finish positions as given in the prize money structure shall be drawn in the individual name of the athlete.
  6. Prize Money, Bonus and Jackpot winnings are subject to Indian Income Tax Rules and the same will be borne by the winner. TDS percentages will be based on the rates and rules in force as on date of disbursement.
  7. All Winners will receive prize money equivalent in Indian Rupees calculated at the applicable exchange rate.
  8. Protests and Appeals:
    1. The athlete and/or his/her representative can appeal to the Technical Delegate in relation to the official race results declared, in writing, within 30 minutes of the official announcement of the results on race day, of relevant race category. Results will be put up at the respective elite athlete tents within the Huda Ground, Holding Area.
    2. The protest letter needs to be submitted at the 10K Run Result Appeals Desk outside the elite athlete tent along with a Protest Fee of INR 1,000.
    3. Where the protest is decided in the favour of the complainant, the Protest Fee will be refunded in full to such complainant within one-week of the decision. Where the protest is decided against the complainant, such Protest Fee will be forfeited in full.
    4. The Protests and Appeals for the elite races will be guided by rules given in this document, and the IAAF Competition Rules in force on race day (27th May 2018).
  9. The prizes details are subject to change without any prior notice.
  10. Participant’s must bring original Govt. approved certificate (Birth Certificate) for age verification, and participant’s who fails to bring certificate will not be considered for Prize money.