Please CARBO LOAD as per your prevalent dietary habits

Please consult your doctor and follow their advice on whether you are fit to run the race on 27th May 2018 especially participants with:

Heart ailments like Coronary Artery Disease / known history of heart failure

Respiratory disorders like Asthma, COPD, respiratory infections in the past 15 days.

Please Push yourself only to your trained ability and not beyond, we would advise runners to run at a steady pace.



If ‘ABNORMAL’ breathing difficulty / choking sensation please seek Medical help which is available on the course and at the holding area.

Inhalers & Puffs, used by Asthmatics will be ready to deal with ABNORMAL breathing / bronchospasm episodes.

Medics on Bikes will be on the course in addition to the Ambulances and on course medical stations

Participants who have been training regularly, have higher immunity / resistance to combat the adverse effects of airborne pollutants.

Our medical opinion is that a normal trained participant should have no difficulty in completing his or her chosen distance.